New WPSC logo.jpg    White Plains Ski Club 2018-2019 Season at a Glance

Meeting Schedule

Membership meetings take place at The Journal News, 1133 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, NY.  Sandy Maguire will email around the access code before each meeting if you would like to join the meeting via a free-conference call. 1133 Westchester Ave is the last office building in White Plains on eastbound Westchester Avenue, just before the Hutchinson River Parkway. When you come up the entrance road, turn left to come to the front of the building. The Journal News entrance is ​​on the right. There's a sign out front​, and​ parking out front. NOTE THAT MEETINGS THIS YEAR WILL BEGIN AT 7 PM, NOT 7:30. If you arrive past 7​:00​  p.m., call  ​Dave's cell  - 914-217-5600 - and someone will let you in.      

Tuesday Oct 9, 7 pm membership meeting

Tuesday Nov 13, 7 pm membership meeting

Tuesday Jan 8, 7 pm membership meeting

Saturday Jan 19, MLK, membership meeting at lodge

Tuesday Feb 12, 7 pm membership meeting

Saturday Feb 16, Pres. Day, membership meeting at lodge

Tuesday Mar 12, 7 pm membership meeting

Saturday Mar 16, St. Pats. Day, membership meeting at lodge

Tuesday Mar 26, 7 pm membership meeting

Tuesday Apr 9, 7 pm membership meeting


Anyone attending the lodge on the meeting weekends is invited but not required to attend those meetings.


Club Officers 2018-2019


President                                 Mark Duffy, 781-572-1250



Vice President                         Noam Shoshan, 973-632-2665



Treasurer                                 Jean Duffy, 781-710-2623



Recording Secretary               Art Wilshek, 774-571-7581



Corresponding Secretary        Pam Ferraro, 203-531-8492




Committee Chairpersons 2018-2019


Central Reservations               Sandy Maguire, 914-248-5657

and Webmaster             


Lodge                                      David Stein, 207-790-1251



Membership                            Diane Steiker, 914-413-0218



Trip Leader                             Kathleen Durkin, 617-461-7609



Ex-Officio                               David Wilson, 914-217-5600





Dues and Fees

                                                                     Single                 Single Family              Family

Dues and Lodge Maintenance                      $100                   $100                           $200   

Advance Trip Deposit (ATD)                       $160                   $320                           $320

Work Weekend Penalty                                  $75                     $75                           $150

Initiation Fee                                                 $150                   $150                           $250

Mailing Membership Fee                               $10                     $10                           $10

Late Registration: after 12/1                           $25                     $25                           $25


See WPSC website for more details. ATDs are an obligatory lodging expenditure and can only be used during the current year from 12/1/18 through 11/30/19.  The deposits include 8 nights lodging for single and 16 nights for family memberships.  ATDs are non-transferable and non-refundable.  The initiation fee is non-refundable.  Provisional and mailing members are not issued keyless access codes.  All regular and provisional members are expected to attend a work weekend.


Lodging Rates


                                                                                                Member           Guest

Ski Season (December 1stMRG Closing Day)                      $20               $30     

Off Season (MRG Closing Day – November 30th)                  $10               $15


Any child under the age of 12 who does not take up a bed (e.g. stays with parents in twin room or stays with family of 5 in bunk room) pays $3.  Members and Guests must bring their own linens and towels. 




Food Rates

                                                                     Adult      Child (4 – 12 years)

Dinner (chef prepared)                                   $15                       $7.50

Breakfast                                                           $3                       $3


Arrangements will be made to have dinner prepared by our chef whenever 12 or more adults are staying at the lodge during the ski season.  Please refer to handbook rules regarding meals.  Breakfast is mandatory on weekends and holiday weeks during ski season.  Children 3 years and under eat for free. 


Lodge Reservations



The lodge is available year-round to members and their guests.  In order to provide for maximum utilization and enjoyment of the lodge, the following procedures apply to all members:


1.       Reservations will not be accepted unless all dues and fees have been paid in full. Please note that all room fees are due immediately after your stay at the lodge.  Central Reservations will email the charges due.



2.       Before going to the lodge, you must contact Central Reservations via email (preferred), phone, or at a meeting.  You must also hear back from the reservations chairperson (via email, phone, or in person) that your reservation has been accepted before you go up to the lodge.


3.       All reservations will be made in the order they are received.  Once the lodge is filled, additional reservation requests will be added to the waiting list in the order they are received.  Members take precedence over guests on the waiting list.


4.   Guests during the ski season:  a maximum of 5 guests may be signed up prior to the end of the day Tuesday preceding a regular weekend, or two Tuesdays before a holiday week / weekend.  Guests are expected to follow all club rules.  Any guests over the allowable 5 will go on the waitlist until the Wednesday morning prior to the regular weekend (2 Wednesdays prior to a holiday week/weekend).


5.  Once the lodge capacity of 32 guests has been reached, additional reservation requests will be placed on a waiting list.  Members on the waitlist will get priority over guests on the waitlist as spaces become available. As of Wednesday morning, if there are no members on the waitlist, guests on the waitlist get in as space permits.  Also, as of Wednesday morning, if there is no one on the waitlist, it is first come, first served for members and guests alike for any available beds.)


6.   Guests during the off-season:  any member who wishes to bring up five or more guests must get approval from the President or Vice President and three additional board members.


7.      Members must pay for their guests.


8.   Cancellations must be made by Tuesday prior to a regularly scheduled weekend, and two Tuesdays prior to a holiday.  If you cancel late and all beds are subsequently filled, your room fees will be returned; otherwise you will lose your room fees.  In order to provide the lowest possible rates, it has been found necessary to apply these cancellation policies for all reasons, including sickness and auto trouble.


9.       Individual rooms may be requested, but will be assigned at the discretion of Central Reservations.


10.       Payment for breakfast is mandatory on weekends and holidays during the ski season.  When a cook has been hired, dinner cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance (e.g., canceled by 8 pm Wednesday for upcoming weekend).


11.       Children under age 12 must room with parents.  If four beds are filled by a family in a room, an additional family member under 12 may sleep on the floor.  The fee will be $3 per night for this child.


12.      Two-day weekends cannot be broken up.  Three-day weekends cannot be broken up until the Tuesday prior to the weekend.


13.       Holidays:  once dues and ATD’s are paid in the Fall, members will be allowed to sign up for only one holiday period before Dec. 1.  If members wish to reserve additional holiday periods, they will be put on the waitlist for those additional dates.  After December 1st, they will be put on the reserved bed list as space allows.  Holiday periods include Christmas and New Year’s week and the weekends before and after, Martin Luther King weekend, Presidents’ weekend and the week and weekend that follow.