Hello all - Happy New Year!


Kudos to those of you who were brave enough to venture out in the bitter cold of the holiday week, I hope you had fun!


Meetings:Our next meeting is Tuesday, Jan 9,7:30 pm at The Journal News, 1133 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY. When you get there, call President Dave Wilson on his cell, 914-217-5600 and he will come and open the door for you.


Meetings will also be held onFeb 13;Mar 13 and 27;Apr 10 at the Journal News.Meetings will also be held at the lodge on the Saturdays ofMLK, President's & St Patrick's Day weekends.


Ski weekends - now that our ski season is underway, please remember a few things:


- Please email Sandy Maguire at sandy.tsrm@verizon.net well in advance of when you would like to go up to the lodge, and remember that no reservation is complete until you have received a confirmation from her.

- On busy weeks or weekends, please remember to put ALL of your own stuff up in your room, and don't leave boots, jackets, kids toys, etc in the common area.Please check the chore list for your assigned chore and if there's someone new there, please - nicely! - show them how to do what needs to be done :) Please make sure your kids put all their dishes and glasses in the dishwasher, and not leave them around.

- Please contact our Trip Leader Chairperson, Janine White, at janinewhite03@yahoo.com and volunteer to be a trip leader!

- Please remember to bring cash to give to the trip leader for meals


IMPORTANT - our treasurer, Jean Duffy reports that "Propane costs continue to rise and the bitterly cold weather isn't helping.Utility expenses are 34% or $822 higher than this time last year".PLEASE be conservative when thinking about raising the heat at the lodge; wear an extra sweater and have a seat around the fire!


Other news:


- MRG has launched their "Paradise Campaign" to secure the future of MRG.They had a donor that has pledged to match all funds raised prior to the end of 2017 up to $125,000 total -a one time challenge to push the campaign into the new year. The WPSC donated $100, and will consider additional donations as see how our financial year, and the years ahead, shape up.


Member Mike Diedrich reports: "I donít know if there are any racers in the Club, but if there are, they may be interested in a start-up skiracing (masterís) program.†† It was ďASRA.Ē†† Itís now the Mid-Atlantic Masters organization, which is a part of USSA.Its schedule is at www.mamasters.org.†† I plan to race at least a few of these races."You can reach Mike at mike@diederichlaw.com


OK - have a great weekend and think snow!


Pam Ferraro

WPSC Corresponding Secretary