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Staples Inventory 
Please inventory the items listed on this sheet and report the information to Central Reservations ( and the Trip Leader Chairperson (            Please check both freezers!  Thank you.
Breakfast Supplies
Item Target Quantity On Hand Notes
Whole Milk 1 gallon    
1% or 2% Milk 1gallon    
Eggs 4 dozen    
Frozen OJ Concentrate 8 cans   Usually 16 oz size
White Bread 2 large loaves   Check freezers
Whole Wheat Bread 4 large loaves   Check freezers
English Muffins 4 12-packs   Usually Thomas's
Butter 6 lbs   Check freezers
Dry Cereal (for kids) 30 individual or 4 large boxes   Chocolate Darth Vaders, Sugar encrusted brownie bites, Pokemon Fudgies ??
Dry Cereal (for adults) 4 large boxes   Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Total
Oatmeal (drum) 1/2 drum   e.g., Quaker Oats
Oatmeal (instant) 20 packets    
Coffee (regular) 4 lbs    
Coffee (decaf) 2 lbs    
Peanut Butter 2 jars    
Other Items needed
Item Qty Notes