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In 1967, The White Plains Ski Club built a ski lodge at the base of Mad River Glen Ski area in Waitsfield, Vermont.  Today, the lodge is part of a small community of private clubs only a 5 minute walk from the mountain.  There is even a back door trail for those advanced skiers who want to ski home.


The lodge accommodates 32 people.  Upstairs there are bunk rooms and two community bathrooms (one for males and one for females).  There are two private rooms downstairs, each sleeps two in twin beds, and the occupants share a full bathroom.  There is a large, fully-equipped kitchen, two dining rooms, living room, sunken fireplace and ski rooms.


Many members are avid downhill skiers, some are cross country skiers, while others just enjoy the beauty of Vermont’s snow country.  We have early risers who are out in time for the milk run (it’s a 7 am run with the ski patrol), and there are other members who are happy getting their first run in by noon.


While Mad River Glen (“ski it if you can”) has a reputation for being a difficult mountain, our membership is comprised of expert, intermediate and beginner skiers who all enjoy the challenge that Mad River offers.  For those who like to ski a variety of mountains, Sugarbush is a 10 minute drive, Stowe is about an hour north and Killington is about an hour south of the lodge.


We have both single and married members, some with children, some without.  We have young members and “well-established" members.  Despite our club name, our membership is spread throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and even a few other faraway places.  Many of our members take advantage of the lodge during the off-season.  In the summer, members enjoy hiking, swimming, biking, canoeing, sightseeing, horseback riding and more.  Vermont’s spectacular fall foliage attracts the nature lovers in September and October.  In November you may find some “early bird” skiers who venture to places like Killington where snowmaking begins in October.




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Individuals interested in joining the White Plains Ski Club and becoming an ACTIVE PARTICIPATING member are encouraged to attend one of the club’s regular membership meetings.  This is the best place to learn more about the club and how it functions.  Potential members will be able to talk to current members, including the board members, to determine whether or not they wish to become a Provisional member.


To become a Provisional Member you must:


    • Be willing to be an active participating member of the Club.


    • Fill out an application and sign the Provisional Member Requirements Notification Form.


    • Complete the membership registration form and submit it to the membership chairperson with a check made payable to the White Plains Ski Club. 


      • As a Provisional member, you are required to pay dues & lodge maintenance fees and advanced trip deposits. 


    • Have an assigned sponsor who will brief you on how the lodge functions and what your responsibilities are as a member of the club.  He/she will familiarize you with the lodge facilities and the house rules, as well as introduce you to club members.


    • Make an appointment with one of the board members for a brief, introductory orientation, which will usually take place immediately following one of the regular membership meetings. This is required before you visit the lodge.


    • Make reservations at the lodge only when at least one Regular Member is staying at the lodge.  As a provisional member, you are not eligible to receive a lock code.


    • Be evaluated by the Executive Board and voted on following the end of your first full skiing season.  All Provisionals will be notified by mail regarding their membership status.



As a provisional  member of the White Plains Ski Club you will be required to fulfill the following to be considered for Full Membership in the Club:


  • Complete a membership application.


  • Fill out an application and sign off on the Provisional Member Requirements Notification.


  • Complete the membership registration form and submit it to the membership chairperson with a check made payable to the White Plains Ski Club.


  • Have an assigned sponsor who is a full member of the Club


  • Complete at least one year of “provisional membership” in good standing*


  • Be an active and participating member of the Club by:


    • Attending at least two regular membership meetings in your Provisional year(s)


    • Attending at least two organized trips to the lodge in your provisional year(s)


    • Attending at least one organized work weekend in your provisional year(s)




Provisional Member Requirements Notification

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*The period of provisional membership is a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years (if membership requirements are not fulfilled during the initial provisional period.


NOTE: As a “Provisional Member” You are not eligible to receive a lock code, and, therefore, you can only make reservations when at least one Regular Member is staying at the lodge.


As a potential member of the White Plains Ski Club,


I have read and understand the above requirements and agree to them. 


I have also received a copy of the White Plains Ski Club Handbook.


I have read the ‘Handbook’ section on the WPSC website in full and have had any questions answered.



Provisional Member Name (print) _____________          Signature____________________



Sponsor Name (print) ______________________          Signature____________________


Date: ___________________












Membership Definitions

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         Provisional - A person, 18 years or older, who is interested in becoming a regular member.  Provisional membership is valid for one season.  Provisonals are not eligible for lock codes.


         Regular Full Membership – A person, 18 years or older, who has full privileges (lock code).  Work weekend required.


         Family Membership has the same status as Regular Full Membership; however, it includes husband, wife and all dependent children under 18 years of age or dependent full-time college students through age 22.  Note:  Both husband and wife must fulfill the requirements of Full Membership (e.g., meeting attendance, use of lodge and work weekends).


         Single Membership has the same status as Regular Membership; however, it is defined as a one person membership

        Single parents with children can apply for Family Membership.  You are required to pay dues at the Single Membership rate and advance trip deposits at the Family Membership rate.  Dependent children do not have lock code privileges.  They cannot use the lodge without supervision by an adult member who takes full responsibility for them.


         Mailing ….Pays a small fee to receive all materials mailed to general membership.  No lock code privileges.  Guest status at the lodge.


         Returning …Previous member who wishes to return to the club.  He/she does not receive a lock code until his/her membership is approved by the executive board.  As a returning member, you must pay the non-refundable initiation fee.


         All memberships are subject to the provisions outlined in the Constitution.





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         All of the Club’s ski trips are centered around the ski lodge.  However, occasionally some members might organize a trip to Europe or out West.  Each weekend during the ski season, a trip leader is assigned the responsibility of coordinating a specific weekend.  A trip leader is also assigned on holiday weeks because the lodge is generally full.  As trip leader, your responsibilities include:


         Collect all outstanding lodge and food fees, and send it, together with detailed records, to the Treasurer.


         Prepare and submit a Trip Leader’s report as detailed in the Trip Leader’s Manual.


         Arrange for a social event (i.e. wine & cheese après ski) on Saturday evening.


         Assign and monitor work details.


         Overall, be in charge of the lodge for a given weekend, addressing any situations that may arise.


         You can volunteer to be a Trip Leader by contacting the Trip Leader Chairperson.  If there are not enough volunteers, the Chairperson will contact members directly to fill any openings.  The Chairperson will give each Trip Leader a brief orientation and provide all the necessary materials.  As members, we encourage you to participate by becoming a Trip Leader at least once every two years.


         To go on a trip, all dues and fees must be paid in full.  You must then fill out a reservation form and mail it, along with pre-payment, to the Central Reservations Chairperson.  You can also make reservations in person at any general membership meeting.





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The lodge is available year-round to members and their guests.  In order to provide for maximum utilization and enjoyment of the lodge, the following procedures apply to all members:


1. Reservations will not be accepted unless all dues and fees have been paid in full.  Please note that all room fees are due immediately after your stay at the lodge.  Central Reservations will email the charges due.


2. Before going to the lodge, you must contact Central Reservations via email (preferred), phone, or at a meeting. You must also hear back from the reservations chairperson (via email, phone, or in person) that your reservation has been accepted before you go up to the lodge.


3. All reservations will be made in the order they are received. Once the lodge is filled, additional reservation requests will be added to the waiting list in the order they are received. Members take precedence over guests on the waiting list.


4. Guests during the ski season: a maximum of 5 guests may be signed up prior to the end of the day Tuesday preceding a regular weekend, or two Tuesdays before a holiday week / weekend. Guests are expected to follow all club rules. Any guests over the allowable 5 will go on the waitlist until the Wednesday morning prior to the regular weekend (2 Wednesdays prior to a holiday week/weekend).


5. Once the lodge capacity of 32 guests has been reached, additional reservation requests will be placed on a waiting list.  Members on the waitlist will get priority over guests on the waitlist as spaces become available.  As of Wednesday morning, if there are no members on the waitlist, guests on the waitlist get in as space permits.  Also, as of Wednesday morning, once the waitlist is cleared, it’s first come, first served for members and guests alike for any available beds.


6. Guests during the off-season: any member who wishes to bring up five or more guests must get approval from the President or Vice President and three additional board members.


7. Members must pay for their guests.


8. Cancellations must be made by Tuesday prior to a regularly scheduled weekend, and two Tuesdays prior to a holiday week/weekend. If you cancel late and all beds are subsequently filled, your room fees will be returned; otherwise you will lose your room fees. In order to provide the lowest possible rates, it has been found necessary to apply these cancellation policies for all reasons, including sickness and auto trouble.


9. Individual rooms may be requested, but will be assigned at the discretion of Central Reservations.


10. Payment for breakfast is mandatory when there is a trip leader on weekends, holiday weeks/weekends during the ski season.  When a cook has been hired, dinner opt-out must be communicated to Central Reservations by the room reservation deadline (i.e., prior to the end of the day on the Tuesday preceding a regular weekend, or two Tuesdays before a holiday week/weekend), or else payment of  the dinner fee will be required.


11. Children under age 12 must room with parents. If four beds are filled by a family in a room (or two beds filled by a family in room 1 or 2), an additional family member under 12 may sleep on the floor. The fee will be $3 per night for this child.


12. Weekends (both regular 2-day and holiday 3-day) cannot be broken up until the Wednesday morning prior to the weekend.


13.  Holidays:  Once dues and ATD’s are paid in the Fall, members will be allowed to sign up for only one holiday period before December 1st.  If members wish to reserve additional holiday periods, they will be put on the waitlist for those additional dates.  After December 1st, they will be put on the reserved bed list as space allows.  Holiday periods include Christmas and New Year’s week and the weekends before and after, Martin Luther King weekend, Presidents’ weekend and the week and weekend that follow.





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Absolutely no smoking in the lodge.


Anyone found possessing or using illegal drugs at the WPSC lodge will have their membership revoked.


No pets allowed.


No TVs allowed.


Always avoid excessive loudness and noise.  Quiet hours are between 10 pm and 7 am.  Please be considerate of members sleeping in downstairs rooms.


The radios should be turned down low after 10 pm.


Respect the privacy of others as much as possible.


Provide your own entertainment needs.  Quiet games and activities are encouraged.


Running in the halls and stairways is not permitted.


Jumping on the furniture is not permitted.


Ski boots cannot be worn upstairs or beyond the foyer.


No one is permitted to sleep in the living room overnight.


You are responsible for your child’s and/or guest’s behavior, and you must replace anything damaged by them (caused by roughhousing, negligence, etc.).


Your lock code is for your use only and may not be given out to a non-member.


No one under the age of sixteen (16) can tend the fire.   Fires in the fireplace should never be left unattended.  All fires must be put out before bedtime.  Do not chop wood on the brick around the fireplace.  Do not make fires on the day of departure.  Please keep fires small.


You cannot leave children under twelve (12) in the lodge unsupervised (i.e., you cannot leave kids in the house while you go to a movie, church, store, skiing, etc.).


Bolts on upstairs outside doors and downstairs side door must be open on arrival and closed by the last person to leave.


After skiing, all personal clothing and equipment should be put away.


You cannot store equipment or other personal belongings in the lodge upon departure.


If the cook is scheduled, members and guests must pay for dinner or eat dinner out.  It is, however, permissible to opt a child (12 and under) out of the cook’s dinner and heat up his or her dinner in the microwave.  Stoves or ovens may not be used when there is a cook.  Opt-out must be communicated to Central Reservations by the room reservation deadline (i.e., prior to the end of the day on the Tuesday preceding a regular weekend, or two Tuesdays before a holiday week/weekend..


Personal storage and consumption of food and beverage is a privilege and a responsibility.  Clean up after yourself.


Food purchased for Club Breakfasts is to be used for BREAKFAST ONLY.  The club does not purchase lunch food, liquor, soda or beer – bring your own.


Please clean utensils you used in preparing breakfast.  Remove your own dishes from the table (breakfast and dinner).  All dishes must be rinsed and placed in dishwasher.


Breakfast clean-up ends at 9am.  Anyone preparing breakfast after 9am is responsible for cleaning the kitchen.


Kitchen must be clean and dishwasher must be empty upon departure.


All garbage must be put outside in the proper cans.


Each person is expected to remove his/her own bottles, glasses, etc. from bedrooms and living/dining areas.  Rinse all returnable bottles/cans and throw in ‘Recycling’ bin or take home.  Do not leave dirty dishes on the counter or in the sink; put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher.


Room Rules

§  Do not sit or stand on shelves

§  When you leave the room for the day, please close the door and window; and lower the thermostat.

§  Turn lights off when room is not in use.

§  At the end of your stay; empty waste basket, remove glasses, wipe down shelves and vacuum.

§  You must use pillow cases, sheets or sleeping bags to prevent soiling of pillows and mattress covers.

§  Do not remove pillows, blankets, or mattresses from rooms.


Bathroom Rules

§  Turn off all lights and fans when not in use.

§  Turn thermostat to low when not in use.

§  Dry sink counters after you are finished.

§  Clean mirror if it is wet or soiled.

§  After you shower, pick up bath mat and hang it on the shower door to dry.





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Breakfast:  On weekends and holiday weeks/weekends during the ski season, when there is a trip leader, it is mandatory that everyone pay for use of club breakfast food.  Everyone prepares his/her own breakfast.  You can help yourself to eggs, cereal, bread, juice, milk, coffee, tea, etc.  During the week, or when there is no trip leader, you have the option of paying the breakfast fee to use club breakfast food or you can bring in all your own breakfast foods.


 Lunches, snacks, beverages:  Members are responsible for providing their own lunches, snacks and beverages.  Of course, you can always help yourself to any leftovers from club-served dinners.


Dinner:  On evenings when there are a sufficient number of diners, the club generally hires a cook to prepare dinner.  This communal meal is a great social and club-building event.  The menu generally consists of a roast meat of some kind, bread, vegetables, salad, soup, a potato/rice/pasta side, and dessert.  As often as possible, the cook does his/her best to accommodate different dietary needs. 


While the club strongly encourages participation in the prepared dinner, we recognize that sometimes people may want to make other plans.  It is therefore permitted to opt out of the club dinner and eat elsewhere.  Because the cook is scheduled based on the number of diners, any opt-out MUST BE communicated to Central Reservations by the room reservation deadline (i.e., prior to the end of the day on the Tuesday preceding a regular weekend, or two Tuesdays before a holiday week/weekend), or else payment of the dinner fee will be required.


When the cook is scheduled, it is very important that we not interfere with his/her work in the kitchen.  STOVES, OVENS AND KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS MAY NOT BE USED BY MEMBERS OR GUESTS WHEN THE COOK IS PRESENT.  While some access to the sinks, trash, plates, refrigerators, dishwasher, microwave, etc. is unavoidable (e.g., for getting out après-ski snacks or beverages), it must be done with consideration that the cook has a job to do.  It is permissible to heat up a child’s dinner in the microwave.  However, the club reserves the right to change that policy if it is found to result in interference with preparation and serving of the group meal.





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As members of the club, it is our responsibility to take care of the lodge.  This means working together!  Everyone is expected to pitch in and help maintain cleanliness at the lodge.  Whether you are visiting during the week or on the weekend, or whether it is peak season or off-season, you have a responsibility to clean up after yourself.


Anytime there is a trip leader, all members present at the lodge will be assigned a specific chore that must be completed before departing for home.  Be sure to check the bulletin board for your assigned work detail.  If there is no assigned trip leader while you are staying at the lodge, it is your responsibility to assign yourself a chore and mark it on the “Work Detail” list posted on the bulletin board.  Below is a list of the various work details for your easy reference.





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Shovel both fire escape balconies and the walkways leading to the front and side entrance doors.  This detail is only assigned if it is snowing.



This detail includes wiping down tables, counters and stoves, organizing and putting away any remaining food,  putting away all pots and pans, cleaning the coffee urn, and turning the dishwasher on.  You are not responsible for putting dishes in the dishwasher or washing pots and pans.  Every individual is responsible for cleaning his/her own dishes and this detail ends at 9:00 am.



This detail includes emptying the dishwashers, setting up the plates, silverware and napkins etc. for dinner, carving the meat, putting out dessert and making coffee.



This detail includes washing, drying and putting away all pots and cooking utensils, wiping down tables, counters and stoves, running and emptying dishwashers, washing the coffee pot and sweeping the kitchen/dining room floors.



         This detail consists of closing up and taking out the trash from the compactor.  Break down any cartons and, along with bottles and cans and paper uncontaminated with food, place outside in the recycling tote in the trash/recycling enclosure.



         This detail includes bringing in wood from the outside wood pile, chopping any wood that is necessary and building all fires during the assigned weekend.  Before departing, the fireplace must be cleaned out.  Please make sure fires are out before going to bed.



         The Trip Leader will assign the following chores as part of lodge clean-up.

        Bathroom clean-up

        Dusting the living room

        Vacuuming common areas

These chores should be done on Sunday before leaving unless you are using the lodge during the week, then they should be completed upon departure.



Directions to Mad River Glen – From New York

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The I-84, I-91, I-89 Route; This route is more highway driving and is the choice to take from Long Island, Connecticut and parts of New York.


·         Take I-84 East to Hartford, CT.


·         Get on I-91 North.


·         Proceed on I-91 North through Springfield, MA and on into Vermont.


·         Get on I-89 in White River Junction.


·         Get off I-89 at Exit 9, the Middlesex exit.


·         At the end of the highway ramp, Go Left.


·         Cross under I-89 to the stop sign.


·         Go Left on Route 2 East.


·         Go 1/2 Mile then Make Right on to Route 100B.


·         Take 100B through Moretown Village and over the stone bridge.


·         Route 100B turns into Route 100 South a mile outside of Moretown Village.


·         Follow Route 100 South to the Village of Waitsfield.


·         Go Right on to Route 17 West just past The Den Restaurant.


·         Go 5 miles up Route 17 West to Mad River Glen.


·         We’re the ones with the Single Chair.  You can’t miss it.




Directions to Mad River Glen – From Boston

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·         Take I-93 North to Concord, NH.


·         Get on I-89 North


·         Go all the way through West Lebanon, NH and over the bridge into Vermont.


·         Get off I-89 at Exit 9, the Middlesex exit.


·         At the end of the highway ramp, Go Left.


·         Cross under I-89 to the stop sign.


·         Go Left on Route 2 East.


·         Go _Mile then Make Right on to Route 100B.


·         Take 100B through Moretown Village and over the stone bridge.


·         Route 100B turns into Route 100 South a mile outside of Moretown Village.


·         Follow Route 100 South to the Village of Waitsfield.


·         Go Right on to Route 17 West just past The Den Restaurant.


·         Go 5 miles up Route 17 West to Mad River Glen.


·         We’re the ones with the Single Chair.  You can’t miss it.



White Plains Ski Club 2019-2020  



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Meeting Schedule


This year, club meetings will be held at 7pm at The Journal News, 1133 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, New York.  Meetings are always on a Tuesday, once or twice a month, from Fall through Spring.  (*Dates subject to change.)  Call 914-217-5600 if you will be attending.  Please note that additional meetings will be held at the Welcome to Winter party in December, and at the lodge on the Martin Luther King, Presidents’ and St. Patrick’s weekends.


                                    2019                           2020

                                    xxx                             xxx



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Club Officers


President                              Mark Duffy, 781-572-1250



Vice President                     Noam Shoshan, 973-632-2665



Treasurer                               Jean Duffy, 781-710-2623



Recording Secretary           Deb Calloway, 860-810-3407



Corresponding Secretary   Pam Ferraro, 203-531-8492



President   Emeritus            David Wilson, 914-217-5600



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Committee Chairpersons


Central Reservations          Sandy Maguire, 914-248-5657

and Webmaster                   Email:


Lodge                                    David Stein, 207-790-1251



Membership                          Patty DeCuffa, 914-741-6984



Trip Leader                            Kathy Grattan, 617-461-7609





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Dues and Fees

                                                                     Single         Single Family           Family

Dues and Lodge Maintenance*             $100                  $100                     $200                 

Advance Trip Deposit (ATD)                   $160                  $320                     $320

Work Weekend Penalty (1,2)                    $75                    $75                     $150

Lock Code                                                     n/a                     n/a                        n/a

Initiation Fee (2,3)                                     $150                  $150                     $250

Mailing Membership Fee                           $10                    $10                       $10

Late Registration: after 12/1 (1,2,3)          $25                    $25                       $25


Notes: (* – All members including Provisionals), (1 – Regular Members),

(2 – New Regular Members), (3 – Returning Members)


ATDs are credited to single or family members and can only be used during the current year from December 1st through November 30th.  The deposits include 8 nights’ lodging for single and 16 nights for family memberships.  ATDs are non-transferable and non-refundable.  The Initiation Fee is non-refundable.  Provisional and Mailing Members are not entitled to lock codes.  All Regular and Provisional Members are expected to attend a work weekend.


The Initiation Fee applies to new regular members upon acceptance and to returning regular members after a year or more of absence.  This includes new regular members who are joining on their own after being associated with the club as children of members, or spouses who are joining, thereby upgrading the Single Family membership to a Family membership.  If an existing regular member upgrades their membership from Single or Single Family to Family, the applicable difference in Initiation Fee is charged.  The Initiation Fee is non-refundable.



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Lodging Rates

                                                                             Member          Guest

Ski Season (December 1stMRG Closing Day)              $20                  $30

Off Season (MRG Closing Day – November 30th)          $10                  $15


Members and guests must bring their own linens and towels.  The lodge is furnished with ample pillows and blankets for each bed.


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Food Rates

                                                                     Adult      Child (4 – 12 years)      Child under 4 years

Dinner (chef prepared)                              $15                       $7.50                         n/c

Breakfast                                                         $3                       $3                              n/c


Arrangements will be made to have dinner prepared by our chef whenever 12 or more adults are staying at the lodge during the ski season.  Please refer to handbook rules regarding meals.  Breakfast fee is mandatory on weekends and holiday weeks/weekends during the ski season when there is a trip leader.  Children under 4 years old eat for free. 


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White Plains Ski Club Website


Members can make reservations online at our website by logging in at  From the home page, you click on ‘Central Reservations’, enter the user name and password, scroll down to the date tabs at the bottom of the screen, click a date (weeks start on Sundays), and check the availability of beds.  You can then email Sandy directly regarding your reservations using the link which is on each page.  Sandy will confirm your reservation by email and let you know how much you owe.  In addition, there are links to Mad River Glen’s website, a Membership Form, a current copy of Lift Lines, the Blue Book, Minutes of meetings, a Trip Leader Packet, Waitsfield Weather, and Work Weekend information.  If you have any difficulty navigating the site, please email Sandy Maguire at  




Revised February 10, 2020


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